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Welcome to the Campbell Park and Rink Website

A project of CELOS


The rink is CLOSED for the season. For more information about the rink, go to the Campbell Park page at


Some recent pictures from the rink


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Sunday February 22, 2009

Racing up the ice
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All ages hockey
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What's happening in and around the park

Campbell Park News
Skating rink news

posted December 5, 2008


Campbell Park rink is scheduled to open on Saturday December 6. For more information about the rink visit the Campbell Park page at You can see the rink schedule here

About Campbell Park

posted March 30, 2008


Find out more about the park.

Watering the park

posted March 30, 2008


In summer 2007 Toronto went through a long dry spell. This had a big impact on the trees and grass in the park. Read about how staff and volunteers from Dufferin Grove Park worked with the Toronto Eagles to water the park. Click here.

The real cost of a park hot dog

posted December 17, 2007


How much does a park hot dog really cost?

About the ice rink

posted March 30, 2008


Summer at Campbell means soccer and cricket, but come winter skating and hockey take over. Read more about Campbell's outdoor artificial ice rink. The rink, of course, is closed for the summer, but you can read what happened last winter in the Diary. See also John Lorinc's article: One rink at a time.

Pictures from last winter's rink opening

posted December 16, 2007


Despite the snow and cold, people who showed up for Saturday's opening day party had a good time. After all, it's not every day that neighbours get together to sing Christmas carols around a warm campfire. Hot dogs and hot chocolate just make things better. Here are the pictures.

Local History
Neighbourhood history

posted May 11, 2008


To learn more about what life in this area used to be like, visit our local history pages.

Old photos of the neighbourhood

posted April 15, 2008


The City of Toronto archives has made available online a large sample of its picture collection. Click here to see historical photos from the neighourhoods around the park.

Historical Photos of Lansdowne Avenue

posted April 15, 2008


Click here to see some historical photos of Lansdowne Avenue. All photos come from the City of Toronto archives.

Industrial History

posted April 15, 2008


In recent years the area around Campbell Park has lost most of its industry. To see what the neighbourhood looked like in years gone by click here.

Neighbourhood News
eye article about gentrification

posted July 23, 2008


eye weekly has published an article discussing gentrification in the Bloor-Lansdowne area a few blocks west of Campbell Park: hipsters are coming!.

News Page

posted April 15, 2008


Find out what's happening in your neighbourhood by reading our news section.

Documentary Films at Bloor Collegiate

posted March 30, 2008


Read about the Dig In To Docs film series at Bloor Collegiate. Click here.

BIG on Bloor Festival

posted January 28, 2008


The section of Bloor Street West that stretches from Christie to Lansdowne has some problems. In February 2007, a large number of community groups that were working separately along Bloor came together to form a coalition called the Bloor Improvement Group or BIG for short. On June 21 BIG will holding a street festival along the entire length of Bloor between Lansdowne and Christie. Read more here.

Local politicians and supportive housing for people with psychiatric problems

posted February 4, 2008


Last summer there was community opposition to a developer's proposal to convert the property at 184 Wallace into a 10-unit residence that would been used to house people who have experienced psychiatric problems. The conversion never happened but the controversy isn't over. Read more >>


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