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Why are there campfires at Campbell Park?

The simple answer is that campfires create community and warmth. They are a lovely addition to a city park. Recreation is a word derived from latin, recreare meaning to refresh or make anew, so in this case the campfires provide the chance to create community space that is inviting and "refreshed". To book your campfire check the schedule and email

Campfires Schedule >>

Please take a moment to check out the history of the campfires at Campbell Park and read up on the history of campfires at our sister park Dufferin, which pioneered this lovely staff-park user collaboration.



Campfire at Dufferin Grove Park



What is the Campbell Community Supper?

Food creates comfortable spaces. To find out more about the suppers check the schedule or email

Supper Schedule >>


Campbell gardening

Campbell gardening club hours: Fridays 5-7pm

Please email to sign up for our gardening newsletter to get weekly updates on what we are doing in the gardens



A few words about the rink

posted November 16, 2010


Saturday pleasure skating
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Campbell rink is one of 50 outdoor artificial ice rinks operated by the City of Toronto. To see a complete list go to the website. You can see the Campbell rink page here.

Campbell rink like the park it sits in is a public facility funded by the taxes the city collects from residents. Like other municipal amenities it is maintained and operated by City of Toronto employees. While Campbell staff are city employees, they are sometimes assisted by contract workers from a community group called CELOS.

Unlike most other rinks Campbell has a small snack bar and cheap skate rentals. Used skates that were donated by members of the community can be rented for $2. Money earned from skate rentals and the sale of food, drinks, pucks and hockey tape are put back into the rink. They help pay for things like the firewood used during the Saturday and Sunday rink-side campfires.

There is no charge for skating or playing hockey at Campbell. And why would there be? If you live in Toronto, you already pay for the rink every time you pay a municipal tax.


Is there a better way to run our neighbourhood parks?


Click on the image to see a poster about a community proposal to create a conservancy for all of ward 18's parks. More information about the conservancy can be found on the Public Commons website. Click here.

Neighbourhood News

Campbell's clubhouse has a kitchen

In spring 2011 city workers made some changes to Campbell's clubhouse. The office, which is also used as a kitchen and skate rental centre, got an electrical upgrade. This means park staff can finally use the donated stove that has been sitting idle until now. The office also got new sinks, which will make cleaning dishes much easier. This past winter the improvements allowed rink staff to offer skaters an expanded menu for the snackbar including warm chili, minipizzas and cookies baked fresh at the park.

Sinks installed in spring 2011
The stove

What's happening in and around the park

Campbell Park News
About the ice rink

Summer at Campbell means soccer and cricket, but come winter skating and hockey take over. Read more about Campbell's outdoor artificial ice rink. The rink, of course, is closed for the summer, but you can read what happened last winter in the Diary. See also John Lorinc's article: One rink at a time.

About Campbell Park

Find out more about the park.

The real cost of a park hot dog

How much does a park hot dog really cost?

Local History
Neighbourhood history

To learn more about what life in this area used to be like, visit our local history pages.

Old photos of the neighbourhood

The City of Toronto archives has made available online a large sample of its picture collection. Click here to see historical photos from the neighourhoods around the park.

Neighbourhood News
Residents want electric trains

On November 16, 2010 residents demonstrated in favour of electric trains. Read more

eye article about gentrification

eye weekly has published an article discussing gentrification in the Bloor-Lansdowne area a few blocks west of Campbell Park: hipsters are coming!.

News Page

Find out what's happening in your neighbourhood by reading our news section.


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