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Where the heck is Campbell Park?

I'm sure some of you have never heard of Campbell Park and have no idea where it is. Here's a brief introduction.

The park is located on Campbell Av, which is a north-south street west of Lansdowne, east of Dundas, north of Bloor and south of Dupont. The address is 255 Campbell Av and you can use Google maps to get a better idea of where it is. (Warning: Google puts the arrow slightly north of the park.) Campbell Av connects with Dupont but it doesn't quite stretch to Bloor. ) See Satellite Map

Campbell has a wading pool and an outdoor skating rink. In winter, it is a popular hockey spot with pleasure skating on the weekend. In summer the park is used for soccer by SC Toronto, formerly the Toronto Eagles.

The skating rink used to be a rough place where pleasure skaters weren't welcome. I've heard stories of angry hockey players chasing away people who have shown up for pleasure skating. However, that started to change 4 years ago when some of the adult recreation staff from Dufferin Grove were sent to the rink. We set aside 2 hours on Saturday for pleasure skating, which we strictly enforced. During pleasure skating we had a weekly campfire. At first turnout was low, but attendance began to pick up. The Saturday campfire and skate began to attract a large crowd of regulars and so this past winter we added two hours of pleasure skating on Sunday, which also has steady attendance. People liked the winter campfires so much that some said we should do them in summer too.

Another thing the Dufferin staff did was open a small snackbar, which proved popular. However, Campbell's rinkhouse didn't have a kitchen so staff were limited in what they could offer. Over the past four years staff, a community group called CELOS and some residents have lobbied the city for an electrical upgrade and sinks. When Anna Bailao was elected she took an interest in the rinks and her office managed to persuade the city to do the upgrade. Now Campbell has a kitchen. That's a cause for celebration.

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