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Revenue and expenses for the June 14, 2011 dinner & campfire

The June 14 community dinner at Campbell Park was inspired by the Friday Night Suppers held weekly at Dufferin Grove Park. However, there was one big difference between the two. The suppers at Dufferin Grove are a park recreation program run mainly by city staff whose wages are paid by the Department of Parks, Forestry and Recreation. A non-profit group called CELOS handles the money and provides extra staff, but the Dufferin Grove dinners are partially subsidized by the wages paid by the city.

The dinner at Campbell, however, was run solely by CELOS, which paid for all the expenses involved. CELOS took in some revenue from the dinner in the form of $5 donations for each meal served, but expenses exceeded revenue. Here is a breakdown of the revenue and costs. There were some extra work involved because it was the first dinner at Campbell.

Groceries: $167.06 (not counting what was taken from the park staples)
Cooking and serving and campfire: $376 (four people)
Project lead : $250
printing posters: $16.09

Total expenditure: $809.12

Income: $474.60

Cost to CELOS: $334.45

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