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Campbell Park

Campbell Park is a classic community park on Campbell Avenue south of Dupont Avenue and west of Lansdowne . See map. The park has an outdoor rink with artificial ice.


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Welcome to the Campbell Park and Rink Website


Campbell Rink Update: Wednesday January 30, 2008 2:00pm
The ice is in good shape. A large group of students from St. Josaphat's Catholic school is skating now.

What's happening in and around the park

Family Skate Every Saturday

January 20, 2008


Many more fun days to come! Every Saturday from 4-6pm at Campbell Rink. Read more

Globe article about the rink

posted January 20, 2008


There have been some changes at the rink this year and the Globe and Mail has noticed. Read John Lorinc's article: One rink at a time.

Rink Diary

posted December 4, 2007


Read regular reports about the rink in the Diary

About the rink

posted December 5, 2007


Read more about the rink here.

The real cost of a park hot dog

posted December 17, 2007


How much does a park hot dog really cost?

Rink schedule

posted December 23, 2007


Check out the rink schedule.

Youth Drop-in Shinny

posted November 13, 2007


If you are between the ages of 10 and 15 and you want to play organized shinny during this rink season then read on >>

Wednesday School Days

posted January 20, 2008


Every Wednesday at Campbell Rink is School-Skate! Read more

Toronto's Outdoor Ice Rinks

posted December 13, 2007


For information about all of Toronto's 49 outdoor artificial ice rinks, visit the City Rinks website.

About Campbell Park

posted December 5, 2007


Find out more about the park.

Pictures from the opening day party

posted December 16, 2007


Despite the snow and cold, people who showed up for Saturday's opening day party had a good time. After all, it's not every day that neighbours get together to sing Christmas carols around a warm campfire. Hot dogs and hot chocolate just make things better. Here are the pictures.

BIG on Bloor meeting

posted January 29, 2008


On Saturday January 26, there was a public meeting to discuss the BIG on Bloor festival scheduled for June 21. Read more.

BIG on Bloor Festival

posted January 28, 2008


Read about the BIG on Bloor festival scheduled for June 21.

Bloor-Lansdowne Blog

posted January 21, 2008


Interesting information about the neighbourhood that surrounds the park can be found on the Bloor-Lansdowne blog. (Please note: This is a personal blog which is independent of the Campbell Park website.)

Neighbourhood News

posted December 5, 2007


Find out what's happening in your neighbourhood by reading our news section.


Rink news

posted Jan 16, 2008

Wednesday School Days

Every Wednesday at Campbell Rink is School-Skate!

St. Josaphat Student

Every Wednesday of the rink season, school groups are invited to come to Campbell rink for pleasure skating and hot chocolate. We have skates to loan out (contact us in advance for sizes).

On Wednesday, January 16th St Josaphat School's grade 5s and 6s came out to the rink and had a great skate.

To book your school group, send an email with the date, number of students, how many and what size of skates are needed to


posted Jan 12, 2008

Family Skate Every Saturday 4-6pm

Music + Skating + Roasting Hotdogs + Hot Chocolate = FUN!

Learning to Skate

Saturday, Jan 12 at Campbell rink was lots of fun. About thirty or so skaters of all ages came out and enjoyed the great weather. There was a campfire to warm up by and free hot chocolate and hotdogs all around. A few shinny players (two in goalie equipment) stuck around and took in the tunes and leisure skating.

What is your favourite song to skate to? You can email your requests of for next Saturday's fun day to

Many more fun days to come! Every Saturday from 4-6pm at Campbell Rink.

Click here to see the Poster

posted November 13, 2007

Youth drop-in shinny at Campbell rink 07-08

If you are between the ages of 10 and 15 and you want to play organized shinny during this rink season then read on…

WHAT? An organized drop in Shinny league at Campbell Outdoor Rink for youth of all skill levels between the ages of 10 and 15.

WHERE? Campbell Rink (255 Campbell Ave., South of Dupont and West of Lansdowne).

WHEN? Every Friday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm (Beginning December 14 2007).

HOW? This is a free program. Just show up at Campbell rink starting at 5:30pm starting on December 14. For more info talk to Dan Watson (Recreation Staff) by e-mailing or calling 416-392-0913.

WHAT ELSE? These will be organized games of shinny complete with referees, score keeping and line changes. This league will lead up to a tournament on February 23rd, 2008.

posted December 5, 2007

Rink Season 2007


The rink opened for the season on December 8. See the rink schedule


From inside the rink looking towards Wallace Ave

The refurbished changeroom

About the rink

The rink is big and inviting

The park has a fairly new (rebuilt less than ten years ago) single pad rink, and the pad is larger than the usual hockey pad -- almost Olympic size. Because the rink is located in the middle of a neighborhood and away from any main roads, it has fewer people skating there. Sometimes it's even empty for a few hours -- a great discovery for shinny players.

Single pad rinks have a tough time attracting pleasure skaters, since there are so many hockey players who "hog" the rink. However, pleasure skaters who are frustrated can always go over to Wallace Rink -- only ten minutes' walk away. It's a double pad, just rebuilt, with the pleasure pad "in the round."

See the Rink Schedule.

For more information about Toronto's 49 outdoor compressor ice rinks, visit City Rinks Toronto.

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