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A short description

posted November 16, 2010


Campbell Park is located on Campbell Avenue south of Dupont, west of Lansdowne, in the Junction Triangle neighbourhood of Toronto. Most of the park is covered by three soccer fields that are used summer evenings and weekends by the Soccer Club of Toronto formerly the Toronto Eagles. The park also has a wading pool and a children's playground. The wading pool is underused because there are no trees shading it. At different times during the week, Campbell plays host to cricket players, dog walkers and joggers. The park also has a fairly new Olympic-sized outdoor ice rink. (For more information about Toronto's 50 city-run outdoor compressor ice rinks, visit the website.) Railroad tracks form the eastern border of the park, cutting it off from the large apartment blocks on Lansdowne.

The park in winter

posted December 7, 2007


Here are some pictures of the park in winter. These photos were taken on Dec 6, 2007.

The big tree in the playground

Playground slide

Facing northeast towards Lansdowne and Dupont

The skating changeroom

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