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The history of Dufferin Grove Park

Globe article June 30, 1887

Parks and Drives

A Proposal to Raise $229,000 for Park Purposes - A Splendid Scheme for a System of Parks Submitted by Ald. Gillespie.

The Property Sub-Committee on Parks and Drives met yesterday afternoon. Ald. Gillespie, the Chairman submitted an exhaustive report on the various park schemes. It recommended that 35 acres of land stretching along the western lines between High Park and the Grenadier Pond be purchased and added to High Park; that property be secured to make the connecting link between the Rosedale Ravine and the Gore Vale drives; that Bloor street west be improved so as to provide a drive by that street to High Park; that 17 and one half acres of land between Dufferin street and Havelock avenue north of College street be purchased at a cost of $4,000 an acre. The report considered it advisable to make additions to the Riverdale Park of certain properties on the east side of the Don River and on Gerrard street previously reported. The report also recommends that one and a quarter acres of property east of Yonge street and north of Bloor street be secured for a park. The whole scheme is in the report divided into three parts. The first is that comprised in the Davenport and Silver Creek Ravines, starting at the Riverdale Park connecting Roxborough street. The second part consists of a continuation of the Silver Creek drive from the Reservoir Park and Mount Pleasant down Yonge street to Bloor street, along Bloor - to Gore Vale, and thence through that valley almost to the water front. The third part includes the first and second and takes in High Park by way of St. Clarens avenue and a drive along the water front. The report strongly argues that no time should be lost in taking the necessary steps to consummate this project. The land necessary to be acquired should be secured at once. It is expected that a portion of the land will be given by owners specially interested in the project. The report proposed that a carriage-way, bridle-path and walk should be constructed along the drives, and suggested that the scheme should not be objected to on the ground that the poor could not enjoy it. There were plenty of parks for the poor who might not be able to enjoy the proposed drives. Citizens would enjoy them, and such a system of drives would do much to beautify the city and make it popular with tourists. The report recommended that the chairman be instructed to carry out the recommendations it contains and to have a by-law prepared to be submitted to the ratepayers to provide the following amounts to carry out the work: - For additional park property; $113,000; establishment of drives, $96,000; contingencies, $20,000; total, $229,000.

The report was adopted.

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