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Saturday, November 5, 1955

Toronto Daily Star p18

Dufferin Parlayed $4,000 Into Four Million

by Neil MacCarl


Things won't be the same in racing next season without any Dufferin park.


There won't be any Long Branch either, and Woodbine had its valedictory earlier this fall, although it is likely to be revived next spring for at least one more meeting.


But Tuesday, the concluding day of racing for the season marks the end of an era - the Orpen era in racing in Ontario. Fred Orpen, son of the late A. M. 'Abe' Orpen will barely have time to get the final day's receipts counted before the workmen will start swarming over the place transforming it into a shopping centre.


Think of Woodbine and you immediately conjure up a (unlegible) of Queen's Plate day, with the women attired in their gayest finery and men wearing morning coats and grey toppers. And equally so Dufferin had a character all its own, as a track of working people and housewives, where the policy was established long ago of letting patrons in free after the first few races.


It is only natural Dufferin should yield to progress, because there were limitations in what could be done to the half-mile oval to keep pace with the changing times. But Little Saratoga, the most affectionate of its many sobriquets will be sorely missed. Read more.


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