Campbell Park




Local history


Picture galleries

The City of Toronto Archives has posted on its website a lot of old pictures of Toronto. We have collected pictures from the neighbourhood around Campbell Park and posted them in galleries on our website. Click here to find a picture gallery.

Dufferin Race Track

One subway stop east of Lansdowne is the Dufferin Mall. Where the mall now sits, there used to be a popular race track. To read more about the history of the Dufferin Track, click here.

Industrial history

Campbell Park is located in the Junction Triangle, a part of Toronto that until recently was heavily industrial. CELOS, the group that produces this website, has started to gather information about the industrial history of this area. Click here to read more.

Dufferin Grove Park

The Campbell Park website is a project of CELOS, a group that started in Dufferin Grove Park. As we collect material about the history of the Campbell Park neighbourhood, we sometimes come across information about Dufferin Gove. To see what we have found so far, click here.

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