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Closing day Sunday March 2, 2008

Sunday March 2 was the last day of skating at Campbell. Here are some pictures.

Lacing up skates for a final game of shinny
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All eyes on the puck
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Playing with intensity
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Looking through the fence
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Action around the net
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Skating after the puck
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The Zamboni scrapes the ice a final time
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Taking off the skates a final time
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posted February 29, 2008

Thursday School Days

Thursday February 28, 2008

The day started out at -18 celsius, so the rink staff thought the class from St.Rita's wasn't coming. But at 1 pm the temperature had climbed to -12, and it was brilliant sunshine. So their principal let them go. The rink staff had stayed at the office for a meeting, when they got the call from the teacher -- "we're here, but the rink change house is locked -- where are you?"

So Michael Monastyrskyj jumped into a cab and got to Campbell as fast as he could to let the kids in. Then he put on a big pot and everybody had free hot chocolate. The kids put on their skates and played around on the ice, in the snow, and back and forth in and out of the rink house -- checkers, chess, cards, skating again, joking, talking -- a very nice afternoon at the rink.

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photo #2

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photo #5

photo #6

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February 17 shinny tournament

Shinny tournament day for 15 to 20 years old. The forecast was for freezing rain turning to just plain rain all day long. There were a few breaks but mostly the forecast was right. But the tournament went on anyway -- seven teams, two refs, one guy thrown out of the game for raising the puck again after he was given a warning. The hockey was FAST, and wet by the end of the day.


Chris Pacheco organized the tournament


posted Jan 12, 2008

Family Skate Every Saturday 4-6pm

Music + Skating + Roasting Hotdogs + Hot Chocolate = FUN!

Learning to Skate

Saturday, Jan 12 at Campbell rink was lots of fun. About thirty or so skaters of all ages came out and enjoyed the great weather. There was a campfire to warm up by and free hot chocolate and hotdogs all around. A few shinny players (two in goalie equipment) stuck around and took in the tunes and leisure skating.

What is your favourite song to skate to? You can email your requests of for next Saturday's fun day to

Many more fun days to come! Every Saturday from 4-6pm at Campbell Rink.

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