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Campbell Park

Campbell Park is a classic community park on Campbell Avenue south of Dupont Avenue and west of Lansdowne . See map. The park has an outdoor rink with artificial ice.



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posted January 19, 2007

Skating Party at Campbell Rink, Friday January 19 2007

roasting the pork shoulder

The party had Ted Carlisle as the "DJ on ice" and also it had campfires, where people could roast their own hot dogs and marshmallows, for free. Wallace Community Centre staff Marta Dos Santos passed out hot dogs all night, and Wallace/Campbell Rink supervisor Manny Silva rented out so many skates that he ran out of sizes. Dufferin Rink cooking fire staff Anna Bekerman brought chili and corn bread from the Dufferin Rink zamboni kitchen, and she roasted a pork shoulder from Nosso Talho that took a long time, but was delicious.

Some comments from skaters at the Campbell Rink party:

paige and friends on ice Paige da gangsta was here!!!! woot woot!

These girls live around Campbell Park. They come to Campbell to skate and play soccer in the summer time. They think this park rules!!

they want to say: "that we had fun and come here and you'll have A GREAT time!!!!!!"

Marlina and her family gives advice on how to cook roast pork over a campfire as they do in the Philippines.

Two poles crossed together - on either side - then chicken get scewered then put on top of of cross poles - then its easy to turn. Every can take turns to turn.

Skater at the rental stop i'd like to borrrow a skateboot everytime i want to skate!! i'll have fun!!

lovely big rink suface

Filipe, patricio, rodrigo, jayson, brian

filipe:good time lots of falls:) brian dancing solo lol. A lot of people are having fun and they are having a good meal. jayson: im all wet because i fell so much. patricio:so many people!!!! great time hope this will happen next year!

it was great except for the part when my marshmellow caught fire and gave me third degree burn!(just kidding-_-)

The McAdamsHI Campbell Rink, Park and .ca. Greetings from College and Bathurst. Our family came tonight and had a wonderful time. The rink, dogs, chili, hot choc - all wondeful. The only thing better was the people. Cheers and thanks from the McAdams.

Benitez family. Hi everyone like to say that the skating party was a great success and would like to have it happen more of a permanent basis so let's get together and make it happen...."let faith lead where it may....I will follow."

Skating Parties

posted January 10, 2007


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