Campbell Park




Local industry - various streets


All the pictures on this page come from the City of Toronto archives. To find more historical pictures of the city, use the image search engine. While the number of images available online is large, they represent only a fraction of all the pictures in the archives. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. You can find more photo galleries here. To learn more about the history of the neighbourhood around Campbell Park, visit our local history pages.


Collapse of Neilson's building, Gladstone Avenue ca. 1909 (Source)

Royce Avenue south CPR - C.N.R. Right-of-way east from Royce Avenue April 6, 1923 (Source)

Galena Signal Oil Company factory, Royce Avenue July 23, 1923 (Source)

Galena-Signal Oil Co. of Canada Ltd. fire ca. 1926 (Source)

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