Campbell Park

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Campbell Park

Campbell Park is a classic community park on Campbell Avenue south of Dupont Avenue and west of Lansdowne . See map. The park has an outdoor rink with artificial ice.




About the rink

The rink is big and inviting

The park has a fairly new (rebuilt less than ten years ago) single pad rink, and the pad is larger than the usual hockey pad -- almost Olympic size. Because the rink is located in the middle of a neighborhood and away from any main roads, it has fewer people skating there. Sometimes it's even empty for a few hours -- a great discovery for shinny players.

Single pad rinks have a tough time attracting pleasure skaters, since there are so many hockey players who "hog" the rink. However, pleasure skaters who are frustrated can always go over to Wallace Rink -- only ten minutes' walk away. It's a double pad, just rebuilt, with the pleasure pad "in the round."

See the Rink Schedule.

For more information about Toronto's 49 outdoor compressor ice rinks, visit City Rinks Toronto.

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